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Hello everyone and welcome to my Bouldering Nation website. Bouldering has became a real passion of mine ever since starting University here at PSU. With that being said I wanted to share information with everyone on the topic I love to participate in.

Bouldering is a sport for everyone no mater the age, gender, height, or color. It’s such a great community to be around, the people you encounter climbing are some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Over the time I have been bouldering here at college and else where nearby, I have learnt a lot about technique and products on the market. I’m here because I wanted to offer you with my best advice on technique, gear, and everything in between.


It all starts with my first week of University. I had no friends since I just transfered so I started talking to people to get to know some friendly faces. That week I made a friend named Catherine and little did I know she was into rock climbing.

One day that first week she asked me to join her and her boyfriend to go bouldering on friday. (I’ve always wanted to go climbing but never pursued it.) At this point I didn’t even know our university had climbing walls so getting the invatation to go climbing was awesome because I could finally do something I’ve always wanted to do.

That Friday we went to the wall and she showed me the basics of how to follow the monochromatic routes, the V scale, and techniques on how to get past some moves. It was a little overwhelming at first but I loved the challenge!

After climbing for a while I started getting to the point where I needed my own shoes though because the school didn’t always have my size. (Let me tell you this, finding my first pair of shoes was not an easy task!) Every website and every store just seemed to over complicate things.

After going to my local gym back home during winter break, I found my first pair pair of shoes. The lady gave me so much advice on picking out the right shoes for me.

After finally owning my first pair of shoes I started climbing more and more. I started climbing around three times a week and started to create some awesome friends while being there. They always had enthusiasm, a smile, and always had something to talk about. It went from learning beta to talking about anything and everything.

Along with making those friends I started getting a lot better at bouldering. I loved climbing harder and more challenging routes because it raised my self esteem.

Now I’m at where I am and I love the relationships and body strength I’ve built over bouldering. It’s definitely a fun sport that is made for everyone.


Bouldering has became wildly popular in many places across the world. The community just keeps growing and growing. One of the great things about this community though is that we are all a family. Everyone gets along and wants to help each other out.

With that being said I want to be that person who continues to spread the positivy along in the market.

Much of what I will be talking about on my site is bouldering equipment that is out on the market today while having an underlying focus on helping to improve your techniques. There are so many products and techniques out there and I want to make sure you all know whats the best for you.


With all the products out on the market today one can easily be tricked into buying products that are not the best for them. Bouldering 101’s goal is to provide you with only the best essentials to make climbing a fun experience. Weather that be with, “Whats the best climbing shoes?” or, “Whats the best climbing chalk?” or even, “How can I improve my footwork.” I want to see everyone enjoying their time climbing and making great memories.

All this can lead ultimately lead to a better climbing experience that will in return make bouldering more fun for you.

Please feel free to look around and find whats right for you. If you should ever encounter any questions or problems about rock climbing or the website please feel free to let me know. Thats why I’m here, I want to help you and walk you through the process if need be.

Beta on Climbers!


Founder of Bouldering Nation


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  1. ahhh rock climbing is something that kind of scares me. I used to do it when i was younger and had fun with it but as i got older for some reason it scares me.

    1. Haha it can be a bit terrifying if you are afraid of heights. A lot of my friends will not climb for that very reason. You gotta trust yourself and remember that there is a foot thick pad to crash your fall if you were to slip. Hopefully you can try it again sometime.

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